A noted speaker on Olympic sport, Tom Kelly has the unique ability to captivate audiences with emotional accounts of athletic success and the principles on which the Olympic Games were founded in 776 BC. He has entertained and educated hundreds of audiences around the world.

Whether standing on stage alone or moderating a panel of Olympians, Tom Kelly brings emotion and meaning to his presentations. From his popular Behind the Gold:Winning Traits of Olympic athletes to Olympian panel discussions on social media or goal setting, he brings specific takeaways to every audience.

A veteran of 10 Olympics, Kelly has a treasure trove of stories from the more than 70 Olympic medals he has managed in the finish area for Team USA athletes. He brings those stories to live, relating directly to the audience.

Behind the Gold: Winning Traits of Olympic Athletes

Tom Kelly’s “Behind the Gold: Winning Traits of Olympic Athletes” will take you deep inside the Olympic Winter Games to experience firsthand stories of athletic success and how you can translate those winning traits into your own personal life or business career.

The presentation mixes stunning photography, awe-inspiring video and Kelly’s unique storytelling ability to take audiences directly into the finish line of the Olympics. A veteran of 10 Olympics as a frontline communicator, Kelly will talk about the unique place the Olympics holds in our culture today, as well as conveying insightful stories of athletes.

The program is fast-paced and interactive, engaging the audience and providing meaningful memories and message points that can be crafted based on the needs of the host organization.